Class 9th &10th All Subjects

Class 9th and 10th is the first step where the foundation of math and science  is laid. It is quite obvious that if the foundation of a structure remains weak, the structure is bound to come down. In this grade a student gets familiar with math and science  which helps in choosing the right career after Class 10th. A wrong career choice can prove disastrous in one’s life. So, it is of utmost importance to study all the subjects in these class sincerely.

This will ease your decision about the right career for you. We strive to mould the learning process in such a way that the student gains crystal clarity of the basic concepts. The lectures are made interesting by introducing a wide range of examples and case studies. The student not only learns the theoretical concepts but also develops an understanding of its application.


Option 1: Class 9th and 10th Online Video Lectures & Pen Drive Classes

We carefully designed online / pen drive classes, and you can easily prepare for class 9th and 10th examinations without any pressure. Simply browse our online courses and get access to best video lectures, study material, test series and mock tests for Class 9-10 subjects.

Online & Offline Classes for 9-10.

What Is Science?

Science is the study of the physical and natural world through observations and experiments. Science is all around us. Right now, the fact that you exist and are in the process of reading this lesson is science. The process of creating the air we breathe – also science. The food we enjoy, water we drink, and clothes we wear are all based in science. Looking up into the atmosphere gives us a glimpse into astronomy, another branch of science. You can’t get around it. Science is everywhere and is one of the most important topics of study in our world.

Flexibility of Learning

  • Chapter-wise and Topic-wise Classes based on the School’s Academic Curriculum
  • Live @ Home Classes at your convenience.
  • Smart Teaching Tools
  • Online Tests
  • Interactive Live Chat Box for students, that allows them to talk to teachers without interrupting the whole class
  • Best & Highly Qualified Tutors of Commerce
  • Focus on Theory as well as Practical aspect of every Topic
  • Recorded Class Option is also available at an extra cost for future streaming of Lectures
  • PDFs of the study material which students can read online or take a print out.
  • Visual Presentations for better Understanding

So, don’t think for a second. Start learning with Streben academy Classes.